Tea for Sinus Congestion

In every person’s skull, there are air cavities behind the cheeks, the nose and the eyes. At times, they tend to be infected by bacteria leading to sinusitis. Research carried out by the University of Maryland Medical Centre, at least 30 million people of the total United States population is affected by sinusitis every year. The sinus infection leads to loss of smell, nasal congestion and discharge and pressure behind the eyes. This form of congestion can sometimes be very painful. To relieve it, tea for sinus congestion is a good remedy.

Tea for Sinus Congestion


Herbal teas have been known to be the ultimate solution for sinus infections. They work very fast relieving the symptoms within no time. Some of the teas that you can try are the antimicrobials. The good thing about antimicrobials is that they can either be used as tea where they are taken internally or even used to kill the infection by using them as a dilute nasal rinse.  One of the best antiseptic herbs that you can use is garlic. It works very effectively against pathogens and providing support to the immune system especially when taken as a tea. Its strong antiseptic nature makes it one of the best herbs that you should have around the house to relieve sinuses. There are other herbs with antimicrobial properties that relieve sinuses which include elderflower, sage, thyme and ginger.  Yerba mansa, elecampane and hyssop are also good in the relief of sinuses due to their antimicrobial and decongestion properties.

Immune Boosters

There are various herbs that help stimulate your immune system to fight against infectious pathogens. According to research, Echinacea angustifolia is one of the plants that are most effective in the immune system stimulation. Its roots are said to be the strongest compared the leaves in the fight against infections. When making Echinacea tea, fill 2 cups with water and then slimmer an ounce of the roots for about half an hour into the cups. Elderberry is also a very good immune booster that works magic in relieving the symptoms of sinus infection when made in form of tea.


This term is common in the western herbalism to refer to the herbs with the ability to rejuvenate organs and tissues. The most effective trophorestorative ever known is the goldenseal. It is widely known for its ability to relieve the sinus tissues that have been inflamed helping heal boggy and tone as well as working on the mucous membrane. In the book “The Healing Power of Echinacea and Goldenseal and Other Immune System Herbs” by Paul Bergner a master herbalist, it is recommended that if you have to use goldenseal, you should take it in small doses of tea. Taking a number of teaspoons every day for three to 4 times is good to clear the inflammation and rebalance the mucous membrane.

Further Suggestion

The herbal tea can either be internally taken or mixed with a mild saline solution. The resultant solution can then be used to do nasal irrigation using various methods such as neti pot. Such methods are very effective. It helps in taking the solution deep into contact with the mucous membrane. Essentially, the infectious pathogens can then be killed with ease. In order to sooth the irritated and inflamed tissues, it is recommended to add a sinus wash like slippery elm or marshmallow some demulcent or moistening herbal tea. You can also get the best effect of herbal tea through the use of herbal steams. Herbal stems are done through first making tea from yerba santa, eucalyptus, or even wild oregano. Cover the pot containing the tea with a clean towel. Look for the best position where your head will directly over the pot. You can both sit with the pot on the ground or stand and place the pot at a high point such that you will be able to reap the maximum benefits of steam therapy.


Sinus congestion is a common problem that affects people of different races, background and class all over the world. However, there are various solutions that you can seek to relieve the irritated and inflamed tissues. Best tea for sinus congestion is one of the best remedies that you should try. You can make it from yerba santa, eucalyptus wild Oregon, Echinacea and goldenseal among other herbs. All you need to do is just make tea from these herbs or consider steam therapy for the best results.