Hi, I’m Pokey Syringe, Petey’s sidekick syringe and mascot for healthpartners.com. Here is a sample of quick pricks about me:


  • I was born in Bloomington, Minnesota on May 27, 2008
  • Petey the Pee Cup has contracted me as his syringe specialist to help promote online patient services at healthpartners.com
  • I stay busy these days giving immunizations, drawing samples, attending various HealthPartners events and more
  • In my free time outside of the doc’s office I like to watch TV shows such as House and American Idol, go see live stand up comics (poking fun at people is great!) and I love to run – when Petey and I go out for a run he always jokes that he’s not running with scissors, but he is running with a syringe

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But, more importantly, here’s another good friend you should know about – healthpartners.com. With amazing online patient services, the site is truly user-friendly. You don’t have to be as sharp as I am to realize a safe, secure and convenient way to manage your health is worth checking out!